It’s been a moment since my last post… life happens

Hi Friends…

Life has been a little distracting…. I am still engaged in pilates and life. I am enjoying my work for children with special needs and looking for new ways to serve this community.

I have done a couple of food fasts this year. I started January with Christians around the world participating in The Daniel Fast for 21 days- it was a time of filling with spiritual food and very rewarding.

In the last couple weeks I did the 10 Day Keto re-set. It was not my idea. I had a friend who really wanted to do this and these things are always easier with support. This 10 day re-set involved no fruit, no sugar, no pasta, bread or carbs in general. I don’t eat animal or egg, so this was challenging. I was really proud of us that we completed this 10 day challenge.

During those 10 days I found that I was releasing and facing deep emotions which were buried …. it was kinda difficult and strange, but also enlightening that even small amounts of different types of food can suppress emotionality and I wasn’t even aware that this was within me.

I did know that the feelings I was confronted with during this re-set were feelings that I had from childhood and young adulthood because of my relationship with my mother and I also did know in some ways I perpetuate these same feeling through relationships in my adult life… now what do I want to do with all of this… I don’t know.. stay tuned