My joy is to help others wake up their heart and souls. To help others figure out what they want to invite more of into their life and what they want to let go of.  My practice is not coaching, as that is not my gift, but to help facilitate forward movement and progression.

If you would like to know more about this process- please email me.

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Welcome to pieces of my life

Understanding the self is the gateway to understanding others

Loving and appreciating the self is the gateway to loving and appreciating others

Treating yourself with grace and gentleness is the gateway to seeing others through the lens of grace and gentleness

You can change your story- you can unfold into the most authentic  beautiful full version of the you that existed before outside influences made you believe differently.

I believe….

all kids deserve a chance to bloom and grow, to develop into whatever it is that fills their soul… ps adults too!

I also believe in progression not perfection. In women supporting women and people supporting people. I practice forward movement and grace for the self.

things that make me smile…

I am the Self appointed Selfie Queen…

I enjoy good coffee, room service, vintage Chanel, new Chanel, cashmere, art  .. I love God, my family, friends and dog, Mia, who has her own fan club.

I love David’s art

David idell is an amazing young artist… diagnosed with Autism at age 2


life is about experiences…

Lunch at Nello- UES NY


Girls just wanna have fun!!